Onswipe is a platform that provides a way for publishers of all sizes to make their content and advertising a beautiful experience on touch-enabled devices via Web browser. With Onswipe, media content and advertising will appear and function as they do on native websites and applications, providing a magazine-like experience on touch devices. Onswipe addresses a growing industry need with tablet use on the rise.

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Jason L. Baptiste, is currently the CEO and founder of Morsel, which is improving the wellbeing of the world through healthy lunches for a company’s employees. Morsel is backed by Techstars NY, one of the world’s leading venture capital funds and accelerators. Jason was previously the CEO of Onswipe, which built the world’s largest independent mobile publishing platform according to Comscore. Onswipe went on to raise over $17 million and was acquired in 2014 by Beanstock Media. Jason was named to Forbes 30 Under 30, Businessweek’s Top 25 Under 25 entrepreneurs, INC. Magazine’s 30 Under 30, and the CEO of one of TIME Inc’s 10 Best Startups. Jason is currently a professional author of the upcoming book “The Ultralight Startup” being published by Random House/Penguin. Jason starred in Bloomberg’s TV Show “Techstars” that chronicled the first 6 months of Onswipe’s history in the Techstars progam. In his spare time, Jason is an avid runner, blogger, and advisor to other startups such as Ambassador and Magnises. Jason received a BS from the University of Miami in Computer Information Systems. Jason currently resides in New York City, NY with his wife Lauren.

Andres Barreto is an Advisor at Ambassador. He is a serial Entrepreneur originally from Colombia, and is Co - Founder of Onswipe. He previously co-founded Grooveshark, a leading music streaming app. In Latin America, he founded Socialatom Group, a Tech and PR agency that also promotes entrepreneurship in the region with startup and tech blog PulsoSocial. Andres is a frequent speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and developing nations and has participated in Conferences throughout Latin America.

OnSwipe in the press

Dec. 28, 2015

Full recap of Techstars NYC Fall 2015 Demo Day

" via @VentureBeat #tsdemoday https://t.co/i1n94VZrlE — techstars (@techstars) December 18, [email protected] @LiveLikeVR Please tell me how I can give you my money right now. Here is what they said verbatim:1/ We asked @techstars NYC Fall 2015 founders if they would recommend the program to others, and here is what they said, verbatim: — Alex Iskold (@alexiskold) December 26, 2015Good luck, Techstars NYC Fall 2015! https://t.co/uZCO6rO7l4 — Raj (@rpatel03) December 17, 2015Packed house for Demo Day NYC @techstars @alexiskold @kjsnyc pic.twitter.com/cUtXvaO8a0 — chris cunningham (@C2cunningham) December 17, 2015Proud to see a packed house at today's @techstars demo day…Congrats to @alexiskold @ksingh11 &… https://t.co/CZtoaCaRbn — Amanda Bensol (@abensol) December 17, [email protected] Demo Day happening now! #nytech pic.twitter.com/1SGHXOJDhm — Jukay Hsu (@JukayHsu) December 18, 2015The fastest growing @Techstars NYC Fall 2015 startups - 1 @maxdeliveryng 2 @SailoBoats 3 @slashkeyboard & 11 MORE https://t.co/unAfNJVHaq — Mattermark (@Mattermark) December 18, 2015It was so effing cool to see this years @techstars #nyc class absolutely *crush it* today at #demoday. @techstars #demoday #NYC pic.twitter.com/kZatHtp88u — Rayyan Islam (@RayyanIslam1) December 17, 2015Congrats to the new @techstars NYC graduating class!

Dec. 21, 2015

Techstars NYC Sees Baptiste’s Return, Rise of Chipps, Visit by Wilson

Last Tuesday, she stood on the very same stage, at the NYU Skirball Center, to present Jewelbots at the New York Tech Meetup. “The idea is every student in New York public schools is going to get computer science education,” he said. “Elementary school, middle school, and high school.”The campaign includes training teachers, even those with no prior exposure, how to teach computer science. Democratizing tech education is not just about getting more people in the running for programs such as Techstars though. With Computer Science for All, Wilson wants to the prepare youths for a world where coding may seem like a second language.

Dec. 17, 2015

Good luck, Techstars NYC Fall 2015

Good luck, Techstars NYC Fall 2015! This group has left its mark on Techstars NYC program, and NYC tech community at large, as another class with the strong engineering core. Today we are graduating another amazing class of companies from Techstars NYC program. Jason Baptiste, CEO of Morsel, was previously part of Techstars NYC 2011 class as a co-founder of OnSwipe. To learn more about Impact Health read my interview with the CEO, Christine Carrillo.

Dec. 16, 2011

Curate Your Own Digital Magazine With Scoop.it For iPhone

The Scoop.it iPhone app is here. News curation startup Scoop.it has arrived on the iPhone today, allowing you to create your own digital magazine while on the go. Now, with the new iPhone app, curation can be done from your mobile, too. The app, which works alongside the Scoop.it web service, essentially lets anyone be a publisher for any topic. Using the app, Scoop.it users can select, edit and publish posts, review suggestions and share to their connected Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Nov. 15, 2011

OnSwipe Competitor Pressly Launches, Aims For 1 Billion Flips Per Month

Before, like OnSwipe, Pressly would take a cut of the ad revenue. Like OnSwipe or even iPad mag Flipboard, Pressly’s service is designed to give traditional Web content a makeover by making it more tablet-friendly. OnSwipe competitor and TechCrunch Disrupt finalist Pressly is launching today with its first major publisher, Canada’s largest newspaper The Toronto Star. Since its debut at 6:30 PM EST last night, Pressly has seen 180,000 flips at an average of 22.6 flips per person. The company says its goal is to reach 1 billion flips per month over the next twelve months.

Aug. 2, 2011

Startups On TV: TechStars Teams Up With Bloomberg To Offer An Inside Look At Building A Business

It will air on Bloomberg TV, both on cable and the web. TechStars had been approached by several networks looking to do reality-type shows on the incubator, but ultimately chose Bloomberg TV, they said, for the reasons cited above. In this tech TV version, it’s startups and their founders iterating, scrambling through feature sets, and competing for the affections of investors. Seven of the eleven TechStars Winter Program startups have also gone on to raise funding, with a few more soon to close, Tisch and Cohen said. This “reality-documentary” miniseries, called “TechStars”, will premier on September 13th at 9 p.m., with the six episodes running through October 18th.

June 20, 2011

Onswipe Wants To Make Slate, Forbes And Your Website Feel Like A Native Tablet App

2) An interactive ad platform that lets clients make money off of tablet-specific advertising and the Onswipe ad network. With the launch Onswipe will also be adding former CNN president John Klein as an advisor. With tomorrow’s launch, Onswipe will be unveiling its three pronged approach to tablet content viewing 1) Its publishing platform that lets publishers provide a fluid tablet-like experience to users. Onswipe currently has $6 million in funding from Spark Capital, Lightbank, Yuri Milner, Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, Betaworks, Morado Ventures. All publishers and advertisers need to do to achieve a native app feel is pick and customize a layout, import content and then embed a piece of javascript into their site.

June 2, 2011

Spark, Lightbank And Yuri Milner Get In On OnSwipe's $5M 'Series Awesome'

Tablet publishing platform Onswipe is announcing a $5 million round of “Series Awesome” funding today after their one million in seed funding in January. In order to own the market we went out and raised a Series Awesome from the best group of investors possible that share our goal of world domination. The round will be led by Spark Capital and followed on by Lightbank, investment badass Yuri Milner, Lerer Ventures, SVAngel, Betaworks, Morado, Eniac and Thrive Capital. And they’re really calling it a Series Awesome; Co-founder Jason Baptiste explained the need to raise even more cash, “We realized what we are building is a larger opportunity than we ever thought while growing at a breakneck speed. And yes…the legal docs actually say Series Awesome.”Onswipe most recently announced a partnership with WordPress.com to power the tablet experience of over 18.5 million blogs via the service.

April 14, 2011

OnSwipe Brings Tablet Publishing To The Browser (TCTV Demo)

OnSwipe is a new digital publishing tools company that wants to make mobile browsing as swipe-friendly as a tablet app. Or they can keep on publishing on the Web and display their websites differently to people who visit them via tablet browsers. And soon they will have to create Android apps and maybe RIM Playbook apps and HP WebOS apps too. OnSwipe already works as plugin for any WordPress.com blog, and the company is working with publishers to tabletize their Websites. As tablets become the preferred digital reading device, every publisher out there is creating their own iPad apps.

Jan. 12, 2011

OnSwipe Raises, Like, A Million Dollars

Tablet publishing, with 50 million tablet users at the end of 2012 according to a Forrester estimate, is the definition of a growing industry within the space. OnSwipe is also part of the inaugural NY TechStars class, a.k.a the “mystery company focused on building a ‘Platform for Tablet Publishing and Advertising. '”OnSwipe is a pretty sure investment bet when you think about it as innovation is increasingly about user experience. PadPressed, the WordPress plugin that makes your blog look like a native app is branching out, with a new one million seed round of funding, a new name (OnSwipe) and homebase (New York). The round, which was completed in a marathon 30 days, was led by Spark Capital, Betaworks and AdMob investor ENIAC Ventures.