LitBit is a new company focused on next generation converged infrastructure solutions for emerging markets.

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Scott Noteboom joined LitBit in September 2013 as Founder and Chief Executive Officer. In this role, he is responsible for creating and leading a new company focused on the next generation of converged infrastructure solutions for emerging markets. Prior to LitBit, Noteboom led Apple’s global infrastructure team with responsibilities including strategy, site selection, design and development. Under his leadership, Apple launched several of the worlds most efficient renewable energy data center campuses. Previously, Scott held position as Vice President of Data Center Engineering & Operations at Yahoo!, where he led all aspects of the company’s global data center portfolio. Scott’s background also includes leading global data center operations at AboveNet, and founding an early U.S. regional Internet Service Providers. In addition to data centers, Scott also has past experience in application development, telephony, systems & network administration and technology in education. Throughout the years, Scott has led invention of several patented data center technologies, and has contributed to industry open source projects such as Apache, Hadoop and Open Stack.

Litbit in the press

May 18, 2016

Focus on tech and talent to get bi-modal IT right

Today's CIO must strike a balance between digital transformation and keeping the lights on. Focusing on the right technology and the right people can help. Focusing on how technology and talent can impact both a digital transformation strategy and maintain existing infrastructure is key to succeeding in today's fast-moving business climate. Avadaiappan says finding the right personalities to lead innovation and change and the right people to manage and maintain existing infrastructure is key to a successful bi-modal IT strategy. A necessary disruption Here’s what digital transformation really means — and how to tell whether your organization is on the right path.

May 11, 2016

Litbit Looks to Revolutionize the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the current technological revolution aiming to connect (all) the items used everyday to the World Wide Web. Now, there is a company aiming to change that and, potentially, revolutionize the IoT industry: Litbit. In order to solve this issue, Litbit created RhythmOS, a flagship operating system that allows developers to create and develop (on top of that OS) apps to connect and manage certain devices. Currently, Litbit is working more with businesses in the data center niche. This is corroborated by the investors, who recently invested $7 million in LitBit in a round led by Storm Ventures, with Illuminate Ventures, Correlation Ventures, and Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures also in the move.

May 6, 2016

LitBit announces a $7 million funding round

LitBit founder and CEO Scott Noteboom is no stranger to data centers. Until now, LitBit has been keeping everything close to the chest with very little known about what they were working on. That all changed with their announcement of RhythmOS, an operating system that 'translates' system languages into a more universally-understood computer language. That's where RhythmOS comes in, by using a universal language, it allows clients to build apps to get your systems working together smoothly. Noteboom believes that smart systems and the Internet of Things will bring about the next big industrial revolution.

May 6, 2016

Scott Noteboom’s Data Center Startup LitBit Raises $7M

Scott Noteboom has been talking about his data center startup LitBit for three years now without giving up much detail about what exactly the company will be selling. LitBit has launched a software platform for data center management that promises to translate the disparate protocols various data center facilities and IT systems of different eras use to an API most software developers can work with. The goal is to make it easier to automate data center management. Noteboom announced LitBit in 2013, following his departure from Apple, where he led infrastructure strategy, design, and development for two years. He joined Apple after about six and a half years as VP of data center engineering and operations at Yahoo.

April 30, 2016

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