Jetpac provides mobile travel recommendations by combining image processing, big data, mobile and social technology. The Jetpac City Guides iPhone app gives city guides for over 6000 cities around the world, from image processing of the world's Instagram photos.

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Derek is the CEO and Co-Founder of Dipity, an interactive topic search platform. Derek is responsible for strategy for the consumer site, platform licensing, and oversees the day-to-day operations of the company.As a 10+ year veteran of Yahoo! and the 6th company hire, Derek was the original product manager of the Yahoo! Ad System, developing programs for beaconing, behavioral targeting, streaming media ad serving and ad measurement. Derek spent the last 5 years on the consumer side of the product working on pioneering interactive media for Yahoo!’s users through FinanceVision (now TechTicker) and Digital Home Services (now Connected Life) and holds patents in the areas of online advertising and interactive content systems.All of his startups have focused on changing the way consumers engage with, add context to, and consume all formats of digital media. Derek is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at Hattery.

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April 10, 2016

The Race For AI: Google, Baidu, Intel, Apple In A Rush To Grab Artificial Intelligence Startups

EmailGoogle is the most active acquirer of AI startups, with 12 acquisitions under its belt since 2012. It recently acquired California-based Lattice Data for $200M and Tel Aviv-based RealFace, valued at $2M. Microsoft recently acquired Genee and conversational AI startup Maluuba. Track all the AI startups in this brief and many more on our platform From auto tech to healthcare, startups are transforming industries with artificial intelligence. Track AI Startups AI Startups 1800+ items itemsWe updated this timeline on 7/21/17 to include newer exits and updated information.

Jan. 27, 2016

Google's AI beats a professional Go player, an industry first

But unlike Google, Facebook has not succeeded in having its AI win a Go match against a professional player. And at least one of the Google DeepMind researchers also tried his hand at beating the system. From there, the Google AI is ready to play. See the Nature paper and Hassabis and Silver’s post on the Google Research blog for more detail on the Go work. Google has achieved something major in artificial intelligence (AI) research.

Dec. 23, 2014

Net neutrality, IoT grows up, Uber turns heads

A popular backlash, egged on by the likes of comedian John Oliver and fanned by four million internet comments, caused the political winds to shift. From that point on, what had been a mishmash of standards and smaller products became the equivalent of big data — something that, suddenly, everyone needed a strategy for. AdvertisementBig Data has turned into big money and the rise of deep learning and artificial intelligence could transform computing. Sweden, too, doubled down on data retention, leading one ISP there to offer free VPN access to its customers. All of a sudden, President Barack Obama called to implement real “Title II” net neutrality, and the FCC abruptly cooled on both the fast lanes and the Comcast merger.

Aug. 21, 2014

Gigaom In which we ask Aaron Levie how Box can compete with giants and what’s up with the IPO

In which we ask Aaron Levie how Box can compete with giants and what’s up with the IPOMost observers would say Box is in a tough spot. We also ask what’s up with the Box IPO. Microsoft, Google and now Amazon have barged onto its turf of business-focused file sync, share and management. The API economy makes it possible for more focused and innovative companies to build products that integrate with other applications users want. )AdvertisementAdvertisementAdvertisementLevie also cues up BoxWorks 2014 coming up in a few weeks in a segment that starts at around minute 14.

Aug. 19, 2014

Google Acquires Smart Travel Guide Startup Jetpac

Google is buying the travel app startup JetPac for an undisclosed amount of money, JetPac announced on its website Monday. Google previously acquired robotics-design company Boston Dynamics and artificial intelligence firm DeepMind, fueling chatter that it is seeking to grow its robotics and artificial intelligence capabilities. JetPac can also crawl Facebook photos, using an algorithm to gauge where your friends had the most fun. It is still not known what exactly Google will do with the acquisition, and if it will integrate the app's artificial intelligence technology into its image search and map services. Jetpac added that it will be removing its apps from the App Store in the coming days, and will cease support for Apple on September 15.

Aug. 15, 2014

Gigaom Google buys Instagram-analyzing mobile app startup Jetpac

He’ll actually be speaking at our upcoming artificial intelligence and deep learning meetup, along with Google engineer and speech-recognition expert Johan Schalkwyk. Google, it turns out, stores a lot of photos, too. Google has purchased Jetpac, a startup that launched in 2012 and analyzes Instagram photos to build what it calls City Guides for travelers — stuff like which bars have the most women (or men), or which beaches have the best views. AdvertisementHere’s a video of Warden teaching his iPhone to recognize his cat. AdvertisementAdvertisementBut Jetpac also has some serious technical chops: its co-founder and CTO Pete Warden is a computer vision expert who has integrated deep learning techniques into Jetpac’s image-analysis process and is working on an open source project around it.

April 24, 2014

Gigaom Democratizing deep learning with an iPhone app and open source SDK

AdvertisementAdvertisementBringing deep learning to the iOS massesAdvertisementBy open sourcing the Deep Belief SDK and releasing the app, Warden hopes to take some of the mystery out of deep learning and also open up a very powerful computing model to to a new class of users. AdvertisementTraining the Deep Belief app to recognize objects not in those categories happens “up” the stack of neural networks that comprise the architecture. iOS developers can take Deep Belief a step further by downloading an open source software development kit and working its object-recognition capabilities into their own apps. Deep Belief was built by Jetpac, a startup that launched in 2012 and creates travel guides based on the content of Instagram photos. Aside from proving that deep learning models are still far from perfect, mistaking toilet bowls for plated food can help quell those fears of a forthcoming robot apocalypse.

Dec. 10, 2013

Gigaom How to analyze 100 million images for $624

It’s amazing how pervasive cloud computing and big data technologies have become, and how fast they’ve evolved consumers’ expectations of what an application should be. The good news is the tools to do it are getting less expensive by the day. The bad news is developers need to get smart on how to process lots of data,. AdvertisementO’Reilly Radar has a useful post from Jetpac CTO Pete Warden on how his company, which offers a visual guide to popular places, uses Amazon EC2, Hadoop and an open source computer-vision program called OpenCV to analyze Instagram images.

July 12, 2012

Gigaom Data-centric travel app Jetpac takes off with $2.4M from Khosla, former Yahoo execs

Jetpac is basically a really beautiful way of looking at your friends’ awesome travel photos. The company says it’s already indexed 750 million photos from Facebook. AdvertisementThe team wants Jetpac to be an app with more features than just browsing pretty photos — it’s meant to be a less frustrating tool for travel search than simply googling or using a travel search engine. With the app’s new “atlas” feature you can browse your friends’ photos by where they were taken and Jetpac users can then mark places they’ve been, places they’ve loved and places they want to go to. On Thursday the team behind Jetpac plans to announce it has raised a $2.4 million Series A round of funding for its iPad app, which lets you use your friends’ travel photos to search for vacation destinations.

Feb. 29, 2012

How to run product iterations

We at GigaOM believe entrepreneurs are more than a source for news — they are a source of expertise and inspiration. AdvertisementIn our inaugural installment, Derek Dukes, cofounder Jetpac and Dipity before that, talks about how he runs product iteration. With that in mind, we proudly unveil the pilot episode of GigaOM’s new ongoing video series, “See Founders Run.” No, we don’t take them out for a quick 5k jog (note to self: totally do a foot race video show). Expertise and inspiration that should be shared as far and wide as possible. Rather, we sit down with startup founders and other entrepreneurs and find out how they run different aspects of their companies so that we can pass that firsthand knowledge on to you.