Grid is a place for both creativity and organization, for the left and the right brain; originally built to translate the spreadsheet and it's many uses to mobile devices, it's grown in to the best structured blank canvas to start and finish a creative project. Grid has been used to design, organize, and create architecture projects, video game designs, novels, films, storyboards and many other things from other disciplines. Grid is a personal organization tool, a place to store memories, and a space to collaborate with others on. Grids reflect how we think and how we think together.

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July 30, 2013

Grid, An App That Helps You Organize Ideas And Projects, Announces A Seed Round From Jerry Yang, Phil Libin And Others

Grid, an “Excel minus the equations” app that helps you plan and organize more effectively and beautifully, announced today that it has raised a seed round. While Grid founder Josh Leong tells me he raised the round shortly after finishing Y Combinator Summer 2012, he didn’t announce the round until today. The app, made by a former Microsoft Excel designer, is an interesting take on the way many people use Google Docs or Excel spreadsheets. You can see a video for one of Grid’s most practical uses, planning the logistics of a trip with friends, below. Leong says the money will go toward engineering talent, as the team is currently Leong and three engineers.