eVenues are an online marketplace for meeting and event space office. The service offers a list of and the specs for numerous venue spaces in a given area, available dates for booking, costs, and the interface to make the booking deals happen.

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David Jennings is the Co-Founder of eVenues. He is a seasoned software and internet entrepreneur with two decades of sales, marketing, business planning, and product management experience. He co-founded Yodio.com in 2005 and advises several Seattle-based start-ups. David spent fifteen years at Microsoft where he led product planning initiatives for various early-stage Microsoft® Windows® and Microsoft® Office™ projects, including Microsoft® Speech.NET and Microsoft® .NET Services; he also spent three years as a software design program manager. During his career, he helped bring 16 different product and programs to life. Prior to Microsoft, David was a marketing representative at IBM.

eVenues in the press

July 18, 2014

The Marketplace for Meeting Space

For those that have the space to rent, eVenues offers a new revenue stream for that space. Add one more to the sharing economy mix – meeting venues. The sharing economy. eVenues charges a 10-13% processing fee for the space rental (it varies based on venue size). Welcome to the sharing economy.

Dec. 26, 2012

Startups 101: Advice from 63 entrepreneurs in the trenches

We have had no shortage of advice on how to grow the company by non-customers who don’t know shittake about the ad business. Remember you’re not just building a product – you’re building relationships. “Try to understand and perform every detail of the business — don’t delegate anything in the beginning.” — Schedulista founder Felix Livni. “Validate your idea, product and market early in the process. Now get it out and begin collecting data that can help you adjust.” — eVenues founder and CEO David Jennings.

Sept. 27, 2012

Startup Spotlight: eVenues takes the headache out of finding event space

eVenues is here to help by matching up a perfect venue for your needs. Any type of venue or space can list on eVenues for free.”Inspiration hit us when: “I was working for a Seattle-based education company called DiscoverU. eVenues probably wouldn’t exist today without sitting down with venue owners and customers to learn just what they needed. We are currently using our money to optimize our business model, refine our service, and innovate for the future roadmap. They provide a simple online directory and marketplace where you can browse different venues, sort by different categories (price, location, capacity), and reserve it.

Feb. 8, 2011

Be a Better Coworker

We've talked to experienced coworkers from all around the world to get their Dos, Don'ts, other etiquette tips and general advice about how to be a better coworker. Employ Audio EtiquetteGetting the sound balance right in a coworking space is crucial to success. "So, don't forget your experience could be valuable to a coworker — as could theirs to you. It's what makes coworking work, but [it's] easy to forget. ' Do you really need the phone to buzz, beep or vibrate every time you get an e-mail or a text in the office?

May 25, 2010

You Vote, We Go: Startup Alley Twitter Challenge

They can join or start mobile web meetings directly from their smart phones and tablets in real-time and anytime. List of today’s Startup Alley companies (with company provided descriptions):Assistly– Enterprise-class customer support made smarter, easier and more affordable. Hivetrader– Hivetrader is a free social trading platform that helps you discover, connect, and trade with the world’s best stock and options traders. Vote in the comments or send a tweet to @EvelynRusli, and we’ll go to the startups with the most votes. If you’re watching our livestream of Techcrunch Disrupt, you’re getting every minute of every keynote, panel and Startup Battlefield presentation, but you’re missing out on the dozens of companies in Startup Alley.

May 20, 2010

Meeting Space Booking Site eVenues Wins The Funded's Founder Showcase

The Funded’s Founder Institute just announced the graduation of 25 companies from the incubator’s East Coast outposts and launched in Boston. eVenues aggregates, searches, and rents meeting event space by the hour or day. eVenues, a service to book meeting rooms online, has won the top spot at won the Founder Showcase, which is a quarterly open start-up pitch competition and networking event held by TheFunded. Announced in March 2009, the Founder Institute offers entrepreneurs and very early stage startups an environment designed to help foster their growth and education. SnapShop, an augmented reality shopping app that places furniture from catalogs in your home, was the official Runner-Up in the showcase.