Dasher is a Messaging app company. Dasher is a chat app that’s all about features. The app has live location sharing, map sharing, GIFs, photos, the ability to poll your group of friends with yes-or-no questions, and the ability to delete messages after they’ve been sent. It also offers peer-to-peer payments through an integration with Venmo, a beta feature it launched months before Facebook Messenger announced payments.

about the company


Jesse Boyes is a co-founder of [Dasher](https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/dasher#/entity), a next-generation messaging platform that enables the delivery of interactive and real-time data in group chats. Prior to his current position, he worked at [Gilt Groupe](https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/gilt-groupe#/entity) as the director of mobile engineering. In 2013, Boyes filed a patent request for inventing the method and system for trying out a product in relation to a real world environment. He currently resides in New York, United States.

Engineer and team building. Previously at Foursquare, HowAboutWe and Reuters. New York and/or London

Dasher in the press

May 28, 2015

Do Everything on One Platform

Dasher is an app that lets you send GIFs, message for free, meet up with friends, share your location, view images, hear music, and more; all on one platform. Jesse Boyes is a self-proclaimed “terrible chatterer.” In the past, he would send messages to friends to make plans, but then would use Venmo or Foursquare to coordinate instead. If you don’t love the GIF chosen, you can shuffle to another GIF or delete the message entirely,” says Boyes. Just include a hashtagged word in your message and Dasher (via Giphy) will send a GIF with your message related to the word you hashtagged. But put some thought and planning into this ahead of time, you’ll thank yourself later.”Follow Dasher on Twitter @DasherHQ.

April 6, 2015

The Future Of Messenger

A week later in the F8 keynote Mark Zuckerberg and David Marcus cracked the door open to Messenger Platform for expression-enhancing apps and opened the shades to what customer service for merchants will look like with Business on Messenger. Until then, you can be sure Mark Zuckerberg will continue to listen for what sounds like the future. Recently, in the lead-up to F8, Facebook leaked that payments were coming to Messenger. Just plugging Facebook Connect and payment authentication into the browser for everyone, “certainly doesn’t sound like the future” if I can borrow Zuckerberg’s phrase again. By picking a winner, WeChat streamlines the user experience to single button and it gives Didi Dache massive scale.

Nov. 4, 2014

Dasher Teams Up With Venmo To Bring Peer-To-Peer Payments To Its Messaging App

But now there’s a U.S. example in the form of web and mobile chat app Dasher. This New Year a reported 20 million “envelopes” were shared — at its peak, 585,000 people were said to have sent money using the chat app during a five-minute period. “Our [early] beta testers have used Dasher payments for coordinating lunch, drinks, splitting ride shares, and even on-the-ground service jobs like dog walking,” Boyes told TechCrunch. Example from AsiaThe idea to adopt payments is a solid one, and Dasher will hope for even just one iota of the success that WeChat, China’s top chat app, has seen. Dasher’s payments feature may help it stand out from the crowd (for now), but Facebook might be likely to adopt a more Tencent-like approach: get people to pair their cards and then push e-commerce services.