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ContextLogic is the developer of Wish, a leading mobile shopping app that puts an emphasis on fun and relevance and is currently exploding on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The Wish team believes that relevance will be the key to winning mobile commerce due to smaller screens and short session times. By building an addictive and fun experience Wish has scaled it’s app to millions of weekly active consumers who daily add millions of products to their wishlist. Wish routinely ranks in the top 10 shopping and lifestyle apps on Android and iOS app stores in the United States and dozens of other countries around the world. The team, comprised of former Google, Facebook, and Yahoo engineers has first-hand experience in building addictive features in social networks such as Facebook as well as multi-billion dollar self serve platforms such as Google Adwords. They are ambitiously monetizing Wish by treating the massive amount of wishlists as intent data. With state of the art recommendation technology and high quality data this enables any existing, eBay, or independent online merchant to reach a very relevant set of qualified consumers for their product and generate a high volume of sales within days or even hours of creating their Wish merchant account. Wish is transforming online commerce.

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believer and executor of data-centric, metrics-driven engineering development math/science ==> profitable product deliver; deliver; deliver. Specialties: 1) c++ / java / perl / python 2) search / search advertising platform (E2E) / hadoop / data pipeline / linear optimization / solr / lucene 3) no life, when I am at work; 4) no work, when I am enjoying my life.

Peter Szulczewski is currently the CEO of ContextLogic and previously a coder at Google, Microsoft, ATI, and Nvidia. THEIFTHEIFTHEIFTHEIFTHEIFTHEIF

Context Logic in the press

March 1, 2016

The hot e-commerce app Wish has “hundreds of millions of users” (plus other fascinating stats)

I don’t think people are comfortable with buying a $5,000 TV on their phone. If you’re interested in e-commerce or want to understand merchants in China particularly, this is a must-read. Szulscewski and his cofounder, Danny Zhang, realized they were “pretty bad at business development,” though, so eventually pivoted to Wish. Wish began as an app that asked people to create wish lists, then the company approached merchants, letting them know a certain number of customers wanted, say, a certain type of table. On the merchants Wish works with and the types of merchandise it sells:“We thought that being more relevant and showing the right recommendations would be critical; what we didn’t predict was the types of products and the types of merchants.

Nov. 30, 2015

Black Friday 2015: Another Year of Growth for Retail Apps

Nov. 30, 2015

Black Friday 2015: Another Year of Growth for Retail Apps