COLOURlovers is an international creative community that helps people discover their inner designer. We provide people with a wealth of user created & shared color inspiration as well as tools that make the creative process as simple as possible. Whether you’re simply looking for a color palette to kickstart your next project or want to produce a piece of vector art, we have the tools and services to help anybody from go from design inspiration to execution. As of 5/1/2011 there are 563,438 COLOURlovers around the world who have created 3,766,464 Colors, 1,562,273 Palettes and 1,461,132 Patterns.

about the company


Chris unknowingly started his career in high school when he started building his band's website. The site quickly needed features which weren't widely available in 2001, so he picked up some Perl to create a more custom & dynamic experience. After abandoning CS and Business degrees, he began working full time on freelance web projects until meeting COLOURlovers founder, Darius Monsef, in 2006. He became a co-founder of COLOURlovers in 2007, and the duo joined forces with Aaron Epstein of Color Schemer in 2009. In 2010, the three founders joined the winter 2010 YC batch and in early 2012 pivoted COLOURlovers into what is now Creative Market. In 2014 Creative Market was acquired by Autodesk.

Aaron started tinkering with color in his dorm room in 2000, and quickly discovered a passion for making people smile through building fun, creative products. More than a decade later, his days are filled with designing, developing and dreaming up fun new ways for COLOURlovers to play. Aaron lives in New York City with his wife Lynda and puppy Chloe, but can usually be found between DC, San Francisco and New York.

Darius A. Monsef IV, known by his friends as Bubs, knows every person has an awesome creative talent and wants to help them find it and share it with the world. He created COLOURlovers while playing with the idea that all of us see and experience color differently and he wanted to create a place for people to share those unique perspectives. He’s also a co-founder of the disaster relief non-profit All Hands Volunteers and has spent more than one year living in disaster zones around the world. His greatest achievement is getting his 2nd grade crush to eventually marry him.

ColourLovers in the press

Jan. 10, 2013

ZURB Acquires Design Community Forrst From Colourlovers

Product design company ZURB just announced that it has acquired Forrst, the 500startups alumni Colourlovers acquired for an undisclosed amount in March 2012. When Colourlovers acquired Forrst, the company said that it would bundle the combined resources of the two companies and continue to serve the design community. We reached out, had a conversation and mutually saw a great opportunity for them to grow the Forrst community. Bragger left Colourlovers before the acquisition and will likely remain an active participant and continue to contribute to the Forrst community. Forrst aims to be a design community for “sharing work and inspiration, getting valuable and constructive feedback and ultimately getting better at your craft.” The terms of today’s acquisition were not disclosed.

June 7, 2012

Creative Market Nabs $1.3M From SV Angel, CrunchFund To Become An Etsy For Digital Design

And, today, they’re announcing that they’ve closed a second round of funding to support the impending launch of Creative Market. )Creative Market will launch officially in beta in the next few weeks, with a full public unveiling expected for later this summer. Bubs) launched Creative Market in private beta to give its community of color and template-creating designers a place to sell their digital content. Compared to the typical designer-takes-30-percent model, Monsef says that Creative Market will likely offer designers at least twice that percentage. That’s where Creative Market and its supporting financing enter the picture.

March 26, 2012

Design Community Colourlovers Acquires Forrst

The 500 Startups-backed dev and design community Forrst has been acquired by Colourlovers, a similarly-focused creative design community. Colourlovers’ founders are now also working on something called “Creative Market,” which will serve as an online marketplace for digital goods, including fonts, icons, templates, and more. Forrst was originally created as a side project back in 2010, but soon became popular with the web developer and design crowd. The site now has nearly 1.5 million users who have shared over 5 million colors, 2 million palettes, 2 million patterns, and nearly 160,000 templates. This is the second site from Forrst founder Kyle Bragger which is coming to a close – his online marketplace TinyProj previously ended operations in January.

July 28, 2011

Looking To Sink Their Teeth Into Some Tasty Northwest Startups, Google Takes A Bite Of PIE

But the Portland Incubator Experiment has already amassed such an impressive roster of startups that everyone may know about them soon enough. Sniff, PIE, Bac’n. As a partner sending several mentors, Google will get to sniff around early for deals. Like many of those companies, they’ll provide 5 mentors (from Google, YouTube, Google Ventures, Android, etc) to the incubator that will help the startups associated with the program. Google joins Coca-Cola, Target, Nike, and Wieden+Kennedy (the largest privately-held advertising and communications company in the world) in helping out PIE.

May 3, 2011

COLOURlovers Raises $1 Million To Make Everyone An Artist

The company was actually already profitable prior to the seed round, and on track to do over $500k in revenue this year. The Y Combinator-backed company has built up a community around creating color palettes, a matching iPhone app, and even a tool for sprucing up your Twitter profile. Monsef says that Seamless has been used to create 65,000 patterns thus far, and that 1.5 million color variations have been created as well (users can re-color existing patterns to suit their taste). The Twitter profile designer, which is called Themeleon, is used to design 600,000 profiles per month — and that number will grow once the company launches its upcoming WordPress version and a Themeleon API. And now the company has closed its first seed round.

Sept. 21, 2010

Make Your #NewTwitter Background Pretty With Themeleon

Y Combinator-backed design startup, which is a creative community for color, has the honor of being the official Twitter profile design extension. While you can access more than 1 million color palettes and 1 million Seamless Patterns created by the community, Themeleon is also offerng ready-made themes from new partner (which we wrote about here). COLOURlovers’ Themeleon, a tool that lets Twitter users create customized and sleek profile pages, has helped design 2 million Twitter profiles in the past year (Twitter co-founder Ev Williams is a fan). Now that Twitter has released a new version of Twitter with a different layout, Themeleon has updated its offering to adjust to the new interface. The startup has moved the Themeleon tool into the collapsable area at the top of the page and now gives a live preview of what your new profile will actually look like as you click around and design your Twitter page.

March 22, 2010

Colourlovers Mixes With ColorSchemer, Added To Twitter's Design Palette

COLOURlovers and ColorSchemer have also released a new web-based pattern design tool, called Seamless, which allows you to design seamless patterns. Design startup, which is a creative community for color, has merged with ColorSchemer, a desktop color matching software. In the past few months, Themeleon has been used to design and add color to over 500,000 Twitter profiles. When you go to your Design Settings within Twitter, you’ll see a link to COLOURlovers’ Themeleon, a tool that lets Twitter users create customized and sleek profile pages. While CHROMAom hasn’t been launched yet, its safe to say that COLOURlovers is fast becoming the go to site for all things color.

Sept. 24, 2008

Microsoft Research and Live Labs release two image tools

The latest from Live Labs and Microsoft Research is also right down that picturesque alley. The Image Composite Editor (x86 or x64) is a free application designed for panoramic image stitching. The Colour Picker Gadget is a free application for the Windows Sidebar in Vista. Recently Microsoft has been dishing out photo- and image-related software and technologies left and right. As Microsoft evangelist Miel Van Opstal wrote on his blog: "Here's your chance to create stunning 360° panoramas and impressive sceneries.