Cardspring is creating an application platform that will allow Web and mobile developers to write applications for credit cards and other types of payments. Cardspring attaches itself to the payment network in a secure fashion on one side, and on the other it presents itself as a platform for developers to create payment apps via Web-standard APIs. It is a bridge between the two networks. These applications could include things like electronic coupons, loyalty cards, virtual currencies, or yet-to-be-imagined commerce apps.

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Jeff Winner is a Director of Engineering at Twitter.

Eckart Walther is currently an EIR at Accel Partners. Previously he was the SVP, Marketplace at LiveOps. Prior to LiveOps, Eckart was the group vice president of product management for Yahoo Search, where he was responsible for all Yahoo Search products including web, multi-media, and social search products as well as Yahoo! Answers and Previously, Eckart served as senior director of products for Yahoo Network Services. Prior to joining Yahoo, Eckart was the director of product management for platform and hosting products at Tellme Networks, one of the pioneers of Internet-powered telecommunications. Before joining Tellme Networks, Eckart served at Netscape for four years. Starting as platform product manager for Netscape Navigator strategy, Eckart went on to build the My Netscape platform and co-author the original RSS technology. Eckart later served as the director of product management for internet platform and registrations products at Netscape. He began his career at GE corporate research in the software technology program, where he specialized in AI research and worked on one of the first multi-processor versions of the UNIX operating system. Eckart holds both BS and MS degrees in computer engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York.

Amit Kumar joined Accel in 2016 and focuses on early stage consumer startups with a focus on VR, fintech, social, and messaging. Prior to Accel, Amit co-founded CardSpring, a payments infrastructure company that added application capabilities to credit cards. CardSpring was acquired by Twitter, where Amit led engineering for several of Twitter’s commerce and customer service initiatives. Amit graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.

Cardspring in the press

Feb. 11, 2016

Twitter Earnings: Dorsey On User Growth Stall

Twitter’s Q3 MAU figure was also 320 million, which means Twitter’s “growth” was really just about playing catch-up. That’s far less than Facebook’s 1.6 billion users and even less than Instagram’s 400 million users. Essentially, its mobile payments and mobile commerce strategies — at least in terms of what investors and the public have been told — are nonexistent for the moment. While Twitter’s earnings certainly sounded off the alarm for continued concern about its current and future metrics, there was one bright spot, and that was sales for advertising. As for Twitter’s payments strategy?

Jan. 26, 2015

Yahoo Was the GE of the Internet

The first great Internet company served as the breeding ground for the Web’s first wave of leading executives. The Yahoo Bosses can be found across all functions and in leadership positions at the most important Internet companies and VC firms. There is an argument to be made about another group, the trailblazers who were responsible for turning Yahoo into the largest Internet company in the world circa 1998-2003. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is the best non-founder operating executive at any Internet company. Yahoo circa 1998-2003 was definitely the GE of the Internet.

Sept. 8, 2014

Mobile Payments: Waiting Is No Longer an Option

PayPal, the leader in digital payments, is moving forward with mobile payments on several fronts. Whatever the origin, the imminent rise in mobile payment technology is going to change life in a big way. Other merchants are looking to mobile apps and devices to facilitate mobile payments. No doubt about it: the mobile payments marketplace is set to explode — and soon. For virtually anyone interested in making money from the growth in smartphones, mobile payments make sense.

Sept. 8, 2014

Twitter's New "Buy" Button Lets You Make In-Tweet Purchases

Starting today, some users will see the option to buy products directly from the tweets themselves. Twitter has been fairly upfront about its plans to offer "in-the-moment commerce experiences" ever since it acquired CardSpring just a few months ago, but now, it's official. Stripe will be processing the payments on Twitter's behalf as well as saving credit card info, so once you make one purchase, you can buy all the Megadeth (another launch partner) swag you want with a single click. For now, only a select group of artists, brands, and charities (Burberry, (RED), and Pharrell, to name a few) will be able to sell products with the new button, but presumably, there will be quite a few items and deals exclusive to the brave new mall that is Twitter.

July 17, 2014

Thursday, July 17th

From MattermarkObserving that a company has made a sudden jump from 10 to 20 employees, or a steady climb from 5 to 50 over the course of a year, can signal an increase in revenue or traction or even an un-announced funding round. At Mattermark, we’ve built a feature that allows you to measure the historical data on the size of a company: “Introducing Historical Employee Trends for Mattermark Professional”From the InvestorsIn “Funding the Right Stuff,” Ryan Sarver of Redpoint Ventures responds to the controversial WSJ piece by Christopher Mims titled, “Is Silicon Valley Investing in the Wrong Stuff?” which Danielle Morrill of Mattermark also responded to on Fox Business earlier this month. Brad Feld of Foundry Group continues his mentorship series by setting aside one day each month for random meetings and by paying it forward in “Mentors 2/18: Expect Nothing in Return”Heidi Roizen of Draper Fisher Jurvetson is profiled in First Round Review on the importance of ethics, team-building, and time management in “Eight Rare Gems from Heidi Roizen on Building a Fulfilling Life and Career”Chris Arsenault of iNovia Capital surveys iNovia’s portfolio companies to discover what founders are really looking for from their investors in “Hey VCs Listen Up: Entrepreneurs are Talking”Rob Go of NextView Ventures doubles the size of his first fund and redoubles his efforts to be a leader in seed investing in “Announcing NextView Ventures II”Mike Collett of Promus Ventures draws a line in the sand between founder confidence and cockiness in “Hey Mr. Founder, You’re Not that Great (Respect the Competition)”Om Malik of True Ventures reflects on Microsoft’s layoffs today and looks to professional sports teams for a real meritocracy in “It is Time to Stop Rewarding Failure”Shahin Farshchi of Lux Capital persuades the last ridesharing skeptics in “We are Paying Too Much to Own Our Cars”From the OperatorsTomio Geron of Exitround analyzes fundraising, M&A, and IPO activity over the past three years in “VC Investment Soars and Valuations Spike in Q2”Brian Chesky of Airbnb explains the new logo and the direction of Airbnb in “Belong Anywhere”Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt officially announces Product Hunt’s Y Combinator-backing in “YC + PH”Vijay Balachandran of HappyFox looks in the mirror for his first customer in “Build What You Can Use for Yourself”CardSpring brings payment infrastructure to Twitter in “We are Excited to Announce that Twitter is Acquiring CardSpring!”From the CommunityGenius (or, the artist formerly known as Rap Genius) annotates the proposed regulation on bitcoin and other virtual currencies by the New York Department of Financial Services in “Proposed BitLicense Regulations”NYU Finance Professor Aswath Damodaran, whose first post on Uber’s valuation caused a stir in the tech community, responds to Bill Gurley’s rebuttal in “Possible, Plausible, and Probable: Big Markets and Networking Effects”

July 17, 2014

Twitter Acquires Commerce Startup CardSpring

" Still, it's not clear if that means that CardSpring as a brand and API will continue, or if it will simply be folded into existing Twitter commerce systems. Twitter announced Wednesday that it has acquired payments infrastructure company CardSpring. Twitter is actively working in the commerce space as a way to promote and deliver deals. CardSpring is a startup that helps merchants connect to publishers to create online-to-offline promotions. The company bills itself as a company that lets businesses "build apps for payment cards.

May 29, 2013

As Software Trumps Hardware In The World Of Payments, VeriFone Partners With CardSpring For Card-Linked Services

Not to be outdone, incumbents like point-of-sale device maker VeriFone are also cutting their own deals to keep up in the game. On this front, CardSpring is agnostic – payments can be traditional card swipes, NFC-based “taps,” or even Square’s “say your name at checkout” feature, for example. Unlike card-linked competitors edo and Cartera, CardSpring is not a merchant-facing platform itself. These card-linked applications can include things like loyalty programs, discounts, gift cards, coupons, and more, and are triggered by the payment event itself. And now, with the new VeriFone partnership, retailers and other third-party developers, like Foursquare, will be able to build card-linked services for point-of-sale systems and VeriFone devices, without requiring any change to shoppers’ current purchase experience or a store’s existing hardware setup.

Aug. 1, 2012

CardSpring Gains New Investors, First Data Partnership, As Its App Platform For Payment Cards Nears Launch

It’s a card-linked payment infrastructure that can work across any bank or card type (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx, etc. ), because it sits in the cloud, and is attached to the payments network directly. CardSpring, an ambitious payments startup founded by former Netscape engineers, is building a platform that connects web and mobile applications to payment cards. Also new, CardSpring has added a handful of big-name strategic investors who cover every aspect of its business: API franchises, online advertising, big data, and finance. “The market need for CardSpring is huge.”The payments space is seemingly a tricky one to gain traction in at present.

June 13, 2012

Clipping Virtual Coupons On The Go: RetailMeNot Launches Its First iOS App

The popular coupon site RetailMeNot launched its mobile site earlier this year and today, the company is launching its first native app for iOS. Judging from the results of this study, there is still quite some room left for mobile coupons to grow. For the time being, though, this service remains in beta and isn’t integrated into the mobile app yet. The new app allows users who don’t like to pay full price to find online and in-store coupons. The app itself, though, is very well designed and makes it easy to find coupons thanks to its predictive search feature.

April 4, 2012

RetailMeNot Could Shred The Paper Coupon Biz With Credit Card-Integrated On and Offline Discounts

Saving money is as easy as visiting RetailMeNot, entering your credit card number, and selecting discounts to load onto your card. The CardSpring-API backed feature could be massively disruptive because it’s so much easier and less embarrassing than cutting and redeeming traditional offline coupons. The CardSpring API could also be used to load loyalty programs and rewards right onto your credit card. Plus you often can’t use offline coupons online or vice-versa. That’s because RetailMeNot’s partnership with First Data lets it check your credit card history for purchases where you’ve loaded discounts.