Bagcheck, a sharing and discovery platform. Bagcheck allows people to share and discover what's inside your “bags”. People can comment on and share lists of the stuff they use and why. By ‘bags', the startup refers to any sort of curated list or collection. For example, people can post a collection of photography gear or what their favorite cooking tools are.

about the company


Bryan most recently served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Creative Solutions, Adobe’s largest business unit. Bryan led product strategy, marketing and product development for Adobe’s flagship software applications, including Photoshop, the Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator. In his 14 years at Adobe Systems, Bryan held key management positions including Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital Imaging and Video and Vice President of Marketing, Professional Publishing Solutions. He was responsible for new product development and marketing as well as the acquisition and product integration strategies that established Adobe’s overwhelming leadership in digital imaging and multimedia and web publishing. In April 2009, he was hired as the Senior Vice President of Applications Products at Yahoo!

LukeW is an internationally recognized digital product leader who has designed or contributed to software used by more than 750 million people worldwide. Luke is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Input Factory Inc. a Internet start-up focused on creating big value from micro mobile interactions. Prior to this, Luke was the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Bagcheck which was acquired by Twitter just nine months after being launched publicly. Before he was founding start-up companies, Luke was an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Benchmark Capital, the Chief Design Architect (VP) at Yahoo!, Lead User Interface Designer at eBay, and a Senior Interface Designer at NCSA: the birthplace of the first popular graphical Web browser, NCSA Mosaic. Luke is the author of three popular Web design books (Mobile First, Web Form Design & Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability) in addition to many articles about digital product design and strategy. He is also a consistently top-rated speaker at conferences and companies around the world, and a Co-founder and former Board member of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Luke also founded LukeW Ideation & Design, a product strategy and design consultancy, and taught graduate interface design courses at the University of Illinois.

Sam is joining Sutter Hill Ventures from Twitter where he was a senior infrastructure engineer and remains a technology advisor. He came to Twitter via the acquisition of Bagcheck in 2011 where he was co-founder and CEO. Previously Sam was an EIR at [Benchmark](/financial-organization/benchmark-capital), an angel investor, and the former Chief Technologist at [Yahoo!](/company/yahoo). While at Yahoo! Sam was responsible for technology strategy across the audience organization and platform team. Prior to his role as Chief Technologist, he worked as the Head of Application Platform at Yahoo! where he focused primarily on grid computing, virtualization, large scale reliable data systems and the implementation of Yahoo's open platform strategy. Before joining Yahoo, Sam worked as CEO of Gauntlet Systems, which developed the first Intelligent Continuous Integration system. Gauntlet was acquired by Borland, where Sam served as Chief Architect from the acquisition in January 2006 until July of that year. Sam came to Silicon Valley to work at WebLogic where he was the first server engineer after the founders and stayed on through the acquisition by BEA Systems. He received his Master of Science degree in Physics from Northwestern University and his Bachelor of Science degree from Worcester Polytechnic InstituteSam Pullara is an engineer at Twitter. He joined when the company acquired Bagcheck, a startup he co-founded.