Amitree is an online platform that helps home buyers navigate the process of buying a house. It also helps agents and mortgage professionals build closer relationships with their clients and better anticipate their needs. Amitree was launched on November 5, 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California.

about the company


As co-founder and COO, Paul leads Amitree's acquisition and product marketing and is responsible for Amitree’s user growth. He previously held executive roles at MediaMath and Dapper (acquired by Yahoo!). Paul holds a BA and MBA from Northwestern University.

Jonathan has been founding and working for web companies since 1994. He has extensive experience with building solutions that touch on the intersection of technology and society, with particular focus on revolutionizing Internet advertising to bring value to consumers and advertisers. In 2006, he founded Dapper and as COO, he led the company's efforts in transforming online advertising into a vehicle for a better experience of the Web. Dapper was acquired by Yahoo! in 2010. Prior to Dapper, he worked for Alexa Internet and help build the Internet Archive. He holds a degree in computer science from Cornell University. Jonathan is founder and CEO of Amitree, which aims to make complex life processes more manageable. Amitree's product, Closing Time, helps home buyers navigate the process of buying a home, organizing the dozens of mission-critical tasks into a simple, easy-to-understand checklist that is customized for each buyer's unique situation. Until October 2012, Jonathan was General Manager of Yahoo!'s market-leading dynamic advertising solution, Smart Ads. In this role, he was responsible for leading the Smart Ads senior leadership team to develop and execute a cohesive strategy, generate revenue growth, and ensure operational excellence. He also worked on helping key clients and internal stakeholders understand how to incorporate dynamic ads into their online marketing strategy, as well helping them make sense of the overall online advertising landscape.