StackHut turns your code into a cloud API. Write business logic instead of managing server logic. Python and JavaScript classes are transformed into scalable APIs in the cloud, which can be intergrated anywhere. StackHut can handle anything a regular server can, and more. Your code is replicated and distributed on a Kubernetes cluster, and is fault-tolerant and fully scalable.

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Sept. 9, 2015

Entrepreneur First Demo Day: Meet The Nine Startups That Presented (And Read Our Take)

No more trawling through spreadsheets you can now get customer feedback instantly and understand how your customers feel.”I’ve been pitched a few startups playing in the ‘how to track customer feedback and sentiment’ space lately. There were also startups tackling problems related to cyber security, customer feedback, compliance, translation, and the thorny issue of video content monetisation. But before I provide a brief run-down of the 9 teams that presented, here’s a quick reminder of what EF offers. The choice of venue for EF’s latest Demo Day also provided an interesting backdrop. Yesterday afternoon I attended London-based Entrepreneur First‘s fourth Demo Day.