Nuzzel, a San Francisco, CA-based social news aggregator. The super-easy way to see news from your friends.

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Jonathan Abrams is the founder & CEO of Nuzzel, the super-easy way to see news from your friends. Jonathan is also co-founder and Managing Partner of Founders Den, a shared office space and private club for experienced entrepreneurs and their friends. Previously, Jonathan was the founder & CEO of Socializr, Friendster, and HotLinks, and a software engineer at companies such as Netscape and Nortel. Jonathan is a mentor in Steve Blank's entrepreneurship classes at Stanford and Berkeley, a top-rated mentor at The Founder Institute, an advisor to AngelList and CodeNow, and has been extensively involved in the Silicon Valley entrepreneurial community for over ten years, including as a long-time member of the advisory board of the Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs (SVASE), co-chair of the SDForum Venture Finance SIG, moderator of the SVASE CTO Forum, and a judge for the Stanford Entrepreneur's Challenge business plan contest, the UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition, the Stanford-Berkeley Innovators' Challenge, the Intel Challenge, and Start-Up Chile.

Nuzzel in the press

Feb. 9, 2016

Ced Kurtz's Techman Texts: Nuzzel your news for an interesting angle

The idea is that your social media friends are likely to have interests similar to yours and so the news they post will be relevant. Nuzzel was founded by Jonathan Abrams, known as the founder of Friendster, a now defunct pre-Facebook and early social media site. It creates a feed of news stories shared by your friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. In addition to showing you news posted by your friends, you also can choose to see postings by friends of friends. Despite a cutesy name that follows Web convention by misspelling a common word, Nuzzel has a fresh take on choosing news stories.

Jan. 17, 2016

Seven startups household names

They include:TransferWiseFinancial technology, or “fintech”, is one of Britain’s best hopes for a worldwide hit, and TransferWise is one of Britain’s best fintech companies. There are revolutions ahead: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and wearable technology are all in their early days. None are yet polished enough to really seize the imagination of users – or even to have been released. It may be expensive to build, pose a tricky technical problem, or simply have some strong incumbents fighting back. But if it takes off Jaunt, with an executive team drawn from Flipboard and Lucasfilm, hopes to provide the tools required.

Jan. 16, 2016

Tech startups hoping to become household names in 2016

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Taavet Hinrikus of TransferWise. There are revolutions ahead: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and wearable technology are all in their early days. None are yet polished enough to really seize the imagination of users – or even to have been released. It may be expensive to build, pose a tricky technical problem, or simply have some strong incumbents fighting back. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Ning Li, the founder of, in his London showroom Photograph: Rex/ShutterstockMADE.COMThe online designer furniture retailer is one of a few trying to become the Asos of furniture.

Dec. 18, 2015

The Rise And Fall Of Venture-Backed News Readers In One Chart

With that in mind, we decided to visualize the rise and fall of venture-backed news reader apps. This year alone saw a flurry of news reader app acquisitions or closures including Circa, Reverb, Zite, and Prismatic. $1M Dan Gilbert, Detroit Venture Partners, Josh LinknerLooking for more venture capital data and industry trends? $1.7M Lamp Post Group Summly Launched by then 17-year-old Nick D’Aloisio, Summly offered a news reader app built on summation technology. Flipboard raised $50M from JPMorgan this year but lost several key executives this year including CTO Eric Fend and head of product Eugene Wei.

Oct. 28, 2015

Nuzzel rolls out automated newsletters to reach people who aren’t superusers of Twitter Nieman Journalism Lab

Our daily email, with all the freshest future-of-journalism news. What’s the best way to follow how the news is changing?

Oct. 28, 2015

Social aggregator Nuzzel creates newsletters for fans using articles you find interesting

The social newsletters are available for not only your fans who are Nuzzel users, but also non-users, or even those without Twitter accounts. Real-time news platform Nuzzel has updated a rather old method of networking to help you better reach your fans. The company now supports email newsletters which are automatically generated based on your Nuzzel feed. For many accustomed to keeping up with the news in their respective industries, sharing content on Twitter and Facebook seems most natural. Nuzzel was started by Jonathan Abrams, founder of one of the original social networks — Friendster.

Oct. 28, 2015

Follow news via influencers with Nuzzel's email newsletters

Nuzzel’s mobile app is a great way to only follow the news that people you curate are sharing, but the company’s expanding that further today to email newsletters. With Nuzzel’s newsletter, the idea is you can get curated news delivered directly with no effort, from the perspective of influencers on Twitter. ➤ Nuzzel Newsletter Learn moreThe company’s CEO, Jonathan Abrams, said that the feature was created because “email newsletters are hotter than ever right now” but producing them requires “hours of work” each day. Now you’ll be able to sign up for email newsletters for the people you’re interested in following, and you’ll get automatically generated emails with the top five stories from that person’s Twitter feed.

Oct. 8, 2015

Is Google's AMP project better than Facebook Instant Articles?

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Sept. 30, 2015

Nuzzel, with a new batch of news-savvy investors, wants to bring social curation to publishers Nieman Journalism Lab

There’s so much going on, but what I think Nuzzel is doing is pretty unique. And for us, the advertising isn’t really the kind of stuff that ad blockers would strip out, that really annoying stuff. So, we’re pretty savvy folks about social, and we’ve got a great list of Silicon Valley investors. We recently changed our email template, and we’re planning to do even more stuff with email and more stuff with mobile push. They’re probably complementary, but it definitely doesn’t do any of the things that Nuzzel does.

Sept. 13, 2012

Friendster Founder Jonathan Abrams Launches Nuzzel: A Fast, Simple, Social News Reader

), is launching his latest startup today: Nuzzel, a site for browsing the news that your friends have shared on social networks. Abrams says he’s skeptical about delivering news tailored to a user’s interests, rather than social signals. The headlines can be arranged based on how many of your friends shared them (so that the most-shared news is at the top), or arranged chronologically. There seems to be a glut of social newsreading services, but Abrams says there’s nothing that delivers the experience he’s looking for — something fast, easy-to-use, and social. Jonathan Abrams, whose resume as a founder or co-founder includes the Founders Den startup workspace, event service Socializr, social bookmarking service HotLinks, and Friendster (I don’t need to explain that last one, do I?