Colingo was founded in 2011 to break down barriers to personal, social, and economic opportunities by teaching people around the world to speak English. Colingo offers a live, online English school with teacher-led group conversation classes, personalized skills-training and private tutoring. Through its live video classes, Colingo provides a personalized path to English fluency for global professionals who have a basic understanding of English, but lack the confidence and skills to speak in conversational settings. Offered 24 hours a day, Colingo's classes blend authentic conversation about contemporary topics with structured skills training and assessment of over 70 core grammar and pronunciation skills. An average class size of three to five provides an intimate, low-pressure environment where students can gain comfort and confidence while improving core skills and receive feedback.

about the company


Benjamin is the founder of Colingo. He leads product & vision. Benjamin leads the product, vision, and strategy of Colingo. His focus is on education, engineering, design, and operations. Prior to starting Colingo, he co-founded a boutique software development firm, taught himself Spanish traveling through Chile and Argentina, studied neurobiology with a focus on the evolution of language , and taught Spanish to elementary school students. He enjoys biking, welding, and speaking Portuñol. He is a 2007 graduate of Oberlin College.

Lee is the founder and chief businessmen at Colingo.